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Social Media - Gain Without The Pain

It's a modern business dilemma. You know that many of your customers and prospective customers are heavy users of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. You know that engaging on social media has to be an important means of reaching them. You know that having the right social media in place helps your website's Google rank. But actually doing it is time-consuming and sometimes baffling.

Don't despair! We have solutions to take away the pain! Choose the one that best meets your needs.


BUILDING BLOCKS: Create Or Clean Up Your Social Media Pages

Make sure you have the most important social media pages in place, looking good to reflect your brand positively, and all properly configured and optimised.

If you don't have anything yet, we will build a brand new presence for your practice on Twitter, Facebook, Google Business, LinkedIn and YouTube (no, you don't have to have your own video for that!). Everything will look great and promote a really positive impression of your business.

If you already have some or all of these accounts in place, we can bring them up to the latest standards, and optimise them for maximum impact.

The Building Blocks service costs £150. It's a small price to pay to take care of this important part of your practice's online shop window.  Even if you then never do anything more with your social media, these pages will continue to promote the practice, to attract potential new customers, and to help your website's performance in Google. Job done. 

To enquire or buy the Building Blocks service for your practice, call us on 01606 800 403 or email us at


TAKE CONTROL: Get Our Free Social Media Dashboard

Sign up here for your free, no-strings-attached, social media control panel. This fabulous Web-based tool makes it dead easy to manage your practice's Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts all in one place. It even helps you find new material for your posts. Sign up is simple, with no big form to fill in and no credit card details required. Get the Take Control Dashboard here.


THE NEXT LEVEL:  Twice-Weekly Updates Done For You

Too busy to spend time posting on Twitter and Facebook? Let us do it for you. Using your free social media dashboard, we will make sure that there is something interesting posted on both Twitter and Facebook at least twice a week, every week.  The content will be interesting to your customers, relevant, and safe (i.e. no promotion of particular brands or products, no dodgy eyecare advice, etc.). Typically, we cover consumer-related eyecare news and stories, promote regular eye tests, and make seasonal calls- to-action to generate business for independent opticians. 

The Next Level service keeps your social media fresh, improving engagement with existing and potential customers. We can also help you to include a feed of the fresh content into your practice website - bringing that to life with no extra work.

At this level we can't write content specifically for your practice, but you have the free dashboard and can easily add your own material to supplement ours - a great and highly time-efficient solution.

The Next Level is a monthly subscription service  - there is no nasty long term contract. The monthly cost is only £55. We know you'll love it, so we will provide the first month as a free trial! You can see the service in action for a whole month before we start charging. There's no risk, so why not give it a try right now? Call us on 01606 800 403 or email us at


THE SOCIAL MEDIA MACHINE: Daily Updates Done For You

If you're looking to squeeze the absolute maximum benefit out of social media and to dominate the opposition (including those annoying national chains with their huge marketing budgets), all at a refreshingly low cost, we have the perfect solution!

The Social Media Machine programme provides specially written updates for your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts every day!  Our specialist marketer will run through a telephone interview and questionnaire to get to understand your practice. They will then create daily content and place it in advance on your social media dashboard, scheduled to be published 7 days later. You can see all the content and can remove or change anything as you see fit before it goes live. 

You can choose to include Twitter or Facebook or both in the programme.

Twitter:  3 text-only tweets + 3 weekly image tweets
Facebook: 2 daily text-only posts  + 3 weekly image posts
(5 days per week - on the days of your choice)

The price is £89.95 per month for Twitter or Facebook, or £155.95 per month for both together.

For more information or to start the Social Media Machine, call us on 01606 800 403 or email us at