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Email marketing for optometrists

Your website should be the most important part of your online marketing weaponry. But, it will deliver much better returns if you support it with email marketing.

Here's why.  For customers, visiting your website can be a bit like visiting your shop - they might do it occasionally when they know they need something and if they haven't recently been exposed to a competitor's messages.The rest of the time, they're not thinking about you and are not buying from you. By sending them regular emails, you are maintaining their awareness of you, strengthening their sense of loyalty, and building credibility. This "relationship marketing" is crucial. But, if you craft your emails carefully, you can also be promoting new or featured products and services, and using discounts to encourage footfall and sales. Combining email with your web presence is a must-do.

Getting results from email marketing

Most of our packages include a professionally designed email template. This will be built to match your brand, to be easy to use, and to maximise the chances of delivery into recipients' mailboxes. You will be able to use your existing email system to send these communications.

We provide advice to ensure you get the best return - inlcuding issues such as remaining legally compliant, words to use and avoid, and how to prevent your messages getting stuck in spam folders.

Our more advanced packages also include use of MailManager, our professional email marketing platform. This very powerful tool lets you manage your email campaigns effectively, see what recipients are reading, check which links they are clicking, and allow people to subscribe or unsubscribe themselves. Many of our clients are using MailManager to increase sales and engagement with great results. Some clients do it all themselves, just using us for advice as needed. Others outsource their campaigns to us. We are happy to work in which ever way works most effectively for you.