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Our 1 mile exclusivity guarantee

For all but the Starter package, we guarantee that we will not work for any of your competitors within a 1 mile radius (that is an area of more than 3 square miles).

That promise is unique in this industry, and it limits our earning potential signifcantly. So, why do we do it and why is it a good thing for you?

Our commitment to you

Most web developers just love to develop a "niche" in a particular sector and to sell their expertise to as many clients in that sector. That way, they save on their marketing and promotional budgets. And they know that prospective clients are keen to sign up to benefit from the developers' inside knowledge of competitors.

We think that's pretty tacky. So we don't do it. We prefer to retain self-respect and to have better relationships with a smaller number of clients than to milk the market shamelessly.

We are committed to the success of our clients - we get our business through recommendation. So, we want you to be delighted with the results we get for you. Frankly, we couldn't manage that if you and the practice next door were both paying us to get ahead of each other in search engine rankings - it's a mathematical impossibility.

How you benefit

There is the obvious point that signing up with us locks out your local competitors. That matters because one of the most valuable things your website can do for your business is to attract new patients looking for a practice in their neighbourhood. You want them to find your practice at the top of the seach engine results, to be impressed when they click through to your website, and for the website to make it so easy for them to visit your practice that that they don't bother searching any further. We can't do that equally well for you and your competitors.

Should have gone to Specsavers??

Not if we can help it! You can take it as a given that we don't work for the major chains either. Our commitment and expertise is directed at helping the squeezed independent optician to survive and prosper.

Act now - before your competitors beat you to it

With our exclusivity guarantee and the reassurance of our money-back guarantee, there is no reason to delay. Check out our website packages for opticians.