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Make money - don't waste it

It's easy to waste your money on a website that costs more than it will bring in to your business.  Most of your local competitors either:

underspend  - no website or a poor quality one, neither of which helps the business


overspend - on a fancy website that looks nice (if you're lucky) but doesn't generate income

Web designers are typically just that - nice, creative people who love to design things that look good. But they are unsullied by commercial issues other than getting a cheque from you. They have no understanding of how your business makes money or the competitive pressures under which you operate. And they rarely have any idea of how to use the web and email to improve revenue and cut costs.

At, we have a different approach. We believe that your website is a business and marketing tool, not a design exercise. We know that investing sensibly in a website will deliver a much better return for you than most other marketing and advertising activities that you can pay for. Our aim is to help you achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) as quickly as possible and with the least input and distraction.

So how do we do that? Here are some of the factors that should give you confidence ....

Know your market

We have been working in the primary healthcare sector for nearly a decade. Our clients include Myers la Roche, the AOP, and Optometry Today, as well as independent opticians. We have presented to opticians all around the UK on online marketing as part of the Association of Optometrists Best Practice seminar tour. As a result, we understand the business and time pressures facing independent opticians and the ways in which websites and email can help your business to survive and prosper.

Focus on the things that matter

We know good design is important in that you must present a professional and welcoming impression to prospective patients. Beyond that point, further investment in graphic design presents a diminishing return for you (but not for the designer, of course). You will not get more business just because your website has an award-winning Flash animation or is more beautiful than any other.

Your website will make you money primarily by bringing new patients to your door instead of to competitors. To do that, it needs to appear prominently in search engines when people looking for a local optician make the search. We are search engine optimisation experts with a very good track record. So, you can be reassured that our packages deliver excellent search engine optimisation results.

The task after visitors find your site is to ensure that, on glancing at your home page: they perceive your practice as professional and welcoming; they can see where you are and how to get to you (directions and parking); your services and opening hours are obvious; it is easy to contact you by their preferred method (whether that's phone, email, or online chat); there is some endorsement from existing customers to generate confidence; and that the distinctive features and services of the practice shine through.

The other way in which online marketing will provide financial benefit is by building ongoing relationships with your existing patients. Typically, a new patient will take a test and buy some glasses or lenses. You may then have no communication with them until you send a recall letter possibly years later. In the meantime, they will not have known about your news services, products, and special offers. They may have forgotten what a good service you delivered. And they will have been bombarded by TV, press and street advertising from the multiples. Used intelligently, your website and email can maintain a relationship, improve retention, and increase the lifetime value of a patient.

Efficient production

Most practices don't need to pay for fully-bespoke website design. The value-for-money approach is to pay for a tried and tested framework customised to reflect the practice's individuality. We have developed a range of such packages so that we can deliver a powerful marketing tool at low cost due to production efficiencies.

And you don't need to worry that your local competitors will benefit from our approach, diluting the impact of your investment. We provide a unique exclusivity guarantee - once you have joined us, we will not provide services to any competitor within a 1 mile radius (that's a 3 square mile exclusion zone!).

Minimise the hassle factor

It is an obvious principle that making more effort - so long as that effort is well-directed - leads to better results. But, there is no point in buying a super duper website and over-complicated content management system if you are never going to have the time to use it. You'll pay for something you won't use, and your website will quickly look stale.

Instead, we offer different packages tailored to getting the best result for the level of management that you will realistically be able to commit. The thing that all our packages have in common, though, is that they are designed to be simple and efficient to operate.

So what are you waiting for?!  Delay is expensive, and you have the confidence of our 100% money-back guarantee. Act now to start getting results and to lock out your competitors. Have a look at our optician website packages or find out more about us.