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Social networking for opticians

Blogs! Twitter! facebook! YouTube! Groupon! Foursquare! There is a buzz around social networking at the moment. Everywhere you look, companies are using it to communicate and engage with existing and potential customers, and are reaping the rewards of doing so. Other not-so-lucky companies are getting it wrong and suffering badly.

Using social networking in business allows you to:

  • stay informed of what your competitors, patients and prospects are all talking about
  • build a presence and identity
  • enhance search engine ranking
  • communicate and engage (but try not to sell too nakedly!)
  • provide better and customer service at lower cost

All of our packages include tools and advice to incorporate social networking into your web presence. We’ll direct you in the right social networking environments for your business, set up your account profiles and start you off with a few well-written and relevant posts for you to publish to your fans, contacts and followers.The more advanced packages place even more emphasis on getting results from social networking.